Fall Car & Light Truck Maintenance Special

Oil, Lube, Filter Change:

  • Cars – Up to 5 qts 5W30 motor oil and filter, check all fluids, belts and hoses
  • Light-duty diesel trucks – Up to 14 quarts 15W40 motor oil and filter
  • Check all fluids, belts and hoses

      Note – Synthetic oils and vehicles with higher capacity may require an additional charge.

Cooling System:

  • Check for leaks,
  • Check antifreeze condition and protection ability
  • Check drive belts and hoses

Steering and Suspension Check:

  • Check steering components for leaks, wear, and proper operation
  • Check drive axles
  • Check shocks and struts for leaks, wear, and proper operation

Battery and Electrical System Check:

  • Test battery; clean terminals and battery posts
  • Test alternator
  • Test starter
  • Check all lights for proper operation


  • Check pad and shoe thickness
  • Check rotor and/or drum condition and brake hardware
  • Check hydraulics and fluid

Tire Rotation:

  • Inspect tires for abnormal wear and alignment problems
  • Rotate tires

$94.55 conventional oil, $124.55 synthetic, or $154.95 light-duty diesels!
(Plus tax and disposal, some vehicles extra)

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