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Work Hard, Play Hard - And Enjoy The Weather, Whatever It Is

Today we're channeling things we learned from our parents - From Dad: "Work hard, play hard." From Mom: "Work before play, and enjoy the weather - it's a beautiful day. (No matter the weather.)" So first the work hard... This recent winter weather we're experiencing is a great time to test out your Anti-lock Brakes (ABS). And while testing those brakes if you happen to tag a curb or pothole, perhaps it's time for an alignment? At Perforamnce Tune Auto Repair, we can help you with both of those services.  Now the play hard... When you find yourself in a big open parking lot in fresh snow, it's a good time to test your car's behavior in slippery conditions. And if you happen to see a car spinning circles in the snow in the parking lot next to our shop, don't worry - the driver probably works for us! We never do it with customer cars, we promise... and remember, driver pays all fines. Have fun, be safe, and ... read more

Get To Know The Man Under The Hat

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to share that gift with others. Every small business takes on the personality of its owner. Growing up in a small business family in North Dakota (my father was a pharmacist offering midnight prescription deliveries), I loved the customer service aspect of it all. But I was also the kid who could identify every late ‘60s muscle car at a thousand yards. There was no doubt, cars were in my blood. Mis-diagnosed in high school, I went on to study computer science and business and began a long career in consumer electronics - marketing, product management, sales development, travel. It was a good ride, supporting our growing family, allowing me to coach youth soccer and lead the Cub Scouts. Around the year 2000, a drag racer moved into the neighborhood. Engines roaring in the evening, I made my way over to meet him. This was the beginning of “shop night,” twenty years of “Every Thursday night ... read more


What we do

Batteries and Charging Systems

The day your car won’t start isn’t the best time to shop for a new car battery. As vehicle technology continues to evolve, cars today need more electric power to operate features such as stop / start technology, safety and convenience features, and to charge all of our devices. If you’ve had to replace a car battery in the past few years, you’ve probably noticed that they’ve become more expensive. Prices have been rising over the past decade, and the situation has worsened during COVID. Car batteries typically last 3 to 5 years. Over their lifespan they gradually deteriorate and lose charging capacity until there’s not enough energy to start the engine. They degrade for lots of reasons, including vibration from rough roads, loose hardware, a malfunctioning charging system, how frequently vehicles are driven, and extreme temperatures and humidity. A dead battery can cause a real hassle, particularly if you can’t find your jumper cables o ... read more

The Value Of Brake Inspections

The moment you realize your car needs to stop, nothing is more important! Reducing your car to its basic functions, they are: start, run, go, stop. Many advanced features are layered on top, but at the time you need each of these basic functions there is really nothing more important. Brakes, by definition, are consumable items. Using hydraulic pressure and friction to stop your vehicle, they create a lot of heat in the process. Brakes wear thin over time, and we expect to replace them. Quality brakes cost money, and we don’t want to replace them too soon. That is where brake inspections come in. A proper brake inspection checks many items. It begins with a test drive to experience what you experience. We listen for noises, and we pay attention to vibrations or pulls. We check brake pedal operation, and verify that the brake lights illuminate. We remove each wheel to inspect and measure the components underneath: pad or shoe thickness, rotor or drum wear. We inspect calipe ... read more

Understanding the need for test, inspection, and vehicle diagnostics

“Vehicle diagnostics have become a necessary service to get to the root of what is going on. Here are a few things you can do to lower your costs low and keep your vehicle functioning well.” We of a certain age may have fond memories of grandpa, uncle, or dad beneath a shade tree with the hood propped open. Sleeves rolled up, rag stuffed in pocket, oil can resting on the fender on a Saturday afternoon. Have you been under your hood lately? Gone are the big carburetors and valve covers. Gone too are the up-front pulleys, fan blades, and shiny radiator caps. Likely you see a large plastic covering 90% of the engine bay. You may not even have an engine oil dipstick, and have to rely on the computer system to report oil level! The message is clear – DIY-ers, you’re not welcome here. Vehicle power plants and comfort features have become increasingly functional, and increasingly complex. Power, comfort, and fuel economy used to be mutually exclusive; now they a ... read more