1993 Toyota Pickup - Our shop truck!

This week we found ourselves with a little time on our hands; decided to go after the valve cover gasket leak on our 1993 Toyota Pickup. This thing has been our shop truck since 2015, and it's a great little runner! Four wheel drive, manual transmission - fun to drive and extremely capable. 

As it sometimes goes with automotive repairs, once we got under the hood we found a few other things. The power steering pump was leaking, and needed to be replaced. The engine thermostat housing was also leaking and we decided as long as we were there, why not? 

We thought we were going to be done here, but while our technician had the timing cover peeled back, he noticed large cracks in the timing belt! I guess we shouldn't be surprised, given the truck is 1993 and has 137,xxx on the clock. Original timing belt, needed to be replaced. 

Anyway, long story short - we're confident this list of repairs has given our beloved shop truck a new lease on life. And quite possibly, the best part of the story? Our young technician has been wanting to work on more advanced repairs. He was able to complete all the repairs mentioned here, and the first time he turned the key over? It fired right up and she's running great!

So when you see that '93 Toyota with "Performance Tune Auto Repair" on it's side running around Fort Collins, give it a smile and a wave! She's out there every day doing her job, to help keep you safely on the road. 

See you around the shop, 





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