Who is Givan Fox?

Who is Givan Fox? Givan is a young man living in Fort Collins and working in Loveland at the Medical Center of the Rockies (MCR). MCR is the only Level II trauma center in Fort Collins and is a regional Cardiac Care and Surgery Center as well as Neurological Center. Givan is a paramedic who works in the Emergency Department. He is a thirtyish young man who drives a older model Toyota 4Runner and is married with no children. Givan is also a member of the Colorado Army National Guard with a medical battalion. His company was recently called to Fort Carson to prepare to serve in Afghanistan for a year. When his car’s engine began to have a problem that resulted in what is known as “throwing a rod” through the side of his engine block, he was just moments from home and just thirteen blocks from his regular garage, Performance Tune. As much as there is a rush hour in Fort Collins (nothing like Denver or the Springs thank goodness) he chose not to stop in rush hour traffic and get to a safe place-Performance Tune. He made it into the parking lot where that Four Runner finally gave up the ghost.