Emissions Testing – An Update

We now are getting used to the new emissions testing program for gas powered vehicles that recently arrived in Fort Collins and Loveland. At Performance Tune we have been doing Diesel Emissions Testing for 20 years, but no gas testing for the past decade or so. So far we have only seen a couple of failures and were able to get them repaired. One was even an older carburated truck from the early 80’s. We have enrolled our lead mechanic in the training offered by the state and he finished with flying colors. Most people are finding the program to be of little consequence and that the wait times are minimal at the testing station and it takes 20 minutes or so to get through. Since we only have to go every two years to get the test done, it really is not that big a deal. If you have any questions about the emissions program, please give us a call and we will be happy to answer them.