Gas Emissions Testing

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So how are you doing with the new emissions program? Have you heard about it yet? Have you been to the testing stations? We are getting calls daily wanting to know if we do testing on gas powered cars and trucks. Answer: no, only light duty diesels, just as we have for the past 19+ years. Testing for the gas powered vehicles resumes in December 2010 and is being done by AirCare Colorado by contract with the State of Colorado. It is what is known as centralized testing and you need to go to Mulberry and I25 of out by the North Super Walmart in Loveland for the two closest testing stations. It’s best to go early, or mid month to avoid lines. Most cars pass as the pass levels are pretty high as they introduce the program and they plan to make it more aggressive as time passes. The pass levels in Denver are much more stringent than in the Front Range as they have the most cars and trucks and have been getting tested for years now. The worst of the worst are being removed from the roads and our air quality should stabilize and then improve. Those blue smoking vehicles you see from time to time will be fixed or booted for the benefit of the rest of us.