Fall with Winter on the Way

Every fall we offer a package that includes an oil change and inspection to find out if there are any areas of your vehicle that need attention. The cooling system (engine cooling, that is) takes precedence for most of us here in Colorado. We get some pretty cold temps here on the front range, though not as bad as the folks back east imagine. But many of us also ski and ride in the mountains every winter and we need to know that we will not have a frozen engine block as a result. In addition to checking the condition of the antifreeze in the car or truck, we check for the condition of the hoses and belts to be sure they do not fail. We do that by pressurizing the cooling system and looking for leaks in the hoses, radiator, heater core or connections. We look over the belts to see if cracking or separation has occurred and will lead to failure. Our inspection also includes steering and suspension, starting and charging systems, brakes, battery, tires and all fluids. So, if you don&rsquo ... read more

Why We Love Fords

Not everyone likes Fords and most of us have a favorite brand in the automotive market which we favor. Some of us like me, have a lot of different brands in the family. At Performance Tune, we have two Ford factory trained mechanics on staff with forty years of experience between them working on Fords. You can only imagine what that knowledge brings to the game when they confront a Ford that has a problem. We also own the Ford VCM Factory Diagnostic Tool that enables us to connect to the vehicle and get information from its computer. We can read codes, scan systems, activate systems and even reprogram the computers and key fobs. With a direct connection to Ford and its factory information to complement the tool, we can accomplish anything we need to repair your truck or car. One of our Ford mechanics is also trained in diesel repair and knows them as well as the gas cars. One of his specialties is working on the 6.0 liter engines that can be troublesome for many shops. So, if you own a ... read more

Quality Counts

At Performance Tune, we emphasize quality. Not just talk about the necessity to provide quality, but to do something about it. There are several ways in which quality plays a role in car and truck repair. To illustrate, here is an example of a car recently brought to us. The Acura was experiencing a strange braking problem in that it would sometimes “grab” rather than slow smoothly, and at other times the pedal was felt to be “soft and mushy”. What we found is that someone, at a quick lube franchise we believe, had added motor oil to the brake master cylinder. This resulted in the contamination of the brake fluid, which although it is an oil, is a hydraulic oil and not a lubricating oil. I have only seen this happen a couple of times in the past 20 years, but it is a catastrophe when it occurs

Telephone Diagnosis

We often receive calls from folks who are having a problem and want help in understanding what the problem is and how it can be corrected. This time of year it is often calls about air conditioning. The call goes something like this: “my AC is not blowing as cold as usual and I wonder how much it will cost to get the system recharged.” Now AC is not that simple of a system and when it does not blow cold it can be caused by a leak allowing the freon to escape from the system. Or, it could be caused by an electrical problem that results in the system not turning on properly. Or, it can be a mechanical problem such as a compressor failure that results in no cooling. Or, it can be &hellip

Service Schedules: Normal or Severe?

Some of our customers at Performance Tune are surprised to learn that there are actually two service schedules for their vehicles. One is the regular schedule and the other is the