I called to get a general brake estimate, and the guy on the phone was quite rude. He kept interrupting me over the phone, telling me it would be $10 for just a break check (while every where else does this for free), and his excuse was that they like to do things right. He would not give me a general estimate. It's 2012, I'm sure you guys have done enough brake repairs to give me an idea of what something costs, if I take my vehicle in and it needs more then we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Some people like to be smart shoppers and see their options. I also do not have time in my busy schedule to take my car and get it looked at just to see costs of repairs. When I finally got an answer out of him, he gave me a broad range saying "a couple hundred". I asked if this mean around $200-$300 and he wouldn't say. How can you treat a potential customer in such a disrespectful manner? So I ended up called a few other places and EVERYONE was friendly and able to give me a decent estimate without needing to bring my car in. So instead of paying these guys (my first choice) I'll be going to Import Auto Body.


This is not a shop that tries to sell you on repairs that your vehicle doesn't need. They've been knowledgeable about every problem I've had and friendly whenever I call.